Today we want to share with all the people who follow us one of the results of our project that we created during the International Training Course that took place in Malaga. Participants of more than 6 countries and three continents (America, Africa and Europe) created and recorded a song and video that aim to raise public awareness on gender violence, empower women and contribute to social transformation. “Everybody say “no” to the system we live in (…) no more abuse, no more machismo, opportunities, rights, all the same”. Acknowledgment: participants, partner organizations and collaborators of the project “Urban Art for Gender Equality”, team ofRead More →

Kossivi, dancer and youth worker of our partner organization Sol’oeil d’Afrik from Togo, could get his visa and he could take part in one of the international activities of our project. He is now in Málaga (Spain) as job shadower. For 13 days he has the possibility to share his personal and professional knowledge and experience, develop his competences and learn how we work on inclusion, social transformation and equality through urban art and dance. He is going to participate in different activities connected with the main topics of our project that have been organized during his stay.  Read More →

Ana Belén from Spain is now in Lomé (Togo) for the job shadowing phase of our Project “Urban Art for Gender Equality”. During a period of 13 days, she is going to share her knowledge and experience in the youth field, in social work and as coordinator and trainer of international projects where art is a tool for social inclusion and transformation. At the same time, she is knowing into details how the association works and its main activities, as well as how they spread values and promote inclusion in Togo. She is going to participate in the final event of a Seminar hosted by the partnerRead More →

Last Friday, Mattia travelled from Italy to Spain for taking part as job shadower in our project “Urban Art for Gender Equality”. His hosting organization is Iniciativa Internacional Joven. For 13 days, he is sharing his recognized experience and knowledge in the field of urban art and breaking, as well as he is acquiring new competences and learning how to organize, implement and evaluate local and international activities where art and breaking is a tool for social transformation, inclusion and gender equality. His sending organization is Espressione Hip Hop from Alba (Italy).  Read More →

During our Training Course we are going to record a video clip to raise awareness about the situation of women in the world and the existing inequalities. On 30th of May, from 6.30 to 8.00 p.m., we are going to record some parts of the video at Constitution Square in Málaga. For this reason, we invite organizations, platforms, informal groups and/or interested people to participant and come with their t-shirts, canvases and messages of struggle connected with gender equality. 25 participants form 8 countries are participating, together with the rapper Eskarnia and other local artists. We are waiting for you!Read More →

After the coordination meeting that took place in Alba (Italy), all partner organizations of our Project are working in their own country for delivering materials of Local Activities I. Iniciativa Interancional Joven, as coordinating organization, sent to partners the tools they need to use for it. Doing so, all products should have a similar content and structure for including it on the eBook of the project. Regarding Local Activities I, partners must analysis the situation of women in each country, create a stakeholders map, select good practices, meet with artists and youth workers and identity priority profiles and learning needs of participants. As soon asRead More →

We are very happy to let you know that we have the final version of the logo of our project “Urban Art for Gender Equality”. During the Transnational Coordination Meeting in Italy, Iniciativa Internacional Joven proposed some logos and after debating it with all other partners, we decided guidelines of the final version. We selected purple as main colour and we played with different styles and symbols connected with the topic of our project. We would like to thank our volunteer Mari Ann for designing the first proposals and Woset from Guatemala for the final version.Read More →

The First Coordination Meeting of our Project “Urban Art for Gender Equality” took place in Alba (Italy) and it has been hosted by our Italian partner organization Espressione Hip Hop. During a two-days meeting, participants could know the details of the project and its activities and made appropriate internal arrangements for a better project management. We also presented some proposals of logo that has been discussed and soon we are going to present you the final version. Finally, on 19th of January, we organized an event where our international participants offered free workshops to share their knowledge with local population and a graffiti were paintedRead More →

Welcome to the webpage of our project “Urban Art for Gender Equality“. It is a capacity building project co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, whose main aim is to promote gender equality and women empowerment through urban art, that is used as a socio-educational tool for participation and social transformation. It is a project coordinated by Iniciativa Internacional Joven (Spain) with the support of El Circulo Breaking (Spain), Moinho da Juventude (Portugal), Guategraff Graffiti Studio (Guatemala) in collaboration with IDEAS, Sol’oeil d’Afrik (Togo), Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyiton (Cyprus) in collaboration with T.E.A.M Hip Hop Collective Centre, and Espressione Hip Hop (Italy), asRead More →