Last week Guatemala hosted the Final Meeting of our project “Urban Art for Gender Equality”.

The main objectives were:

  • To make the project public and present it to local population, promoting the reflection on gender equality through urban art;
  • To evaluate the project and the achievement of its results between project partners;
  • To specify activities for follow-up and sustainability of the project;
  • To generate ideas for future projects.

For achieving it, we had two types of activities:

  • Internal working sessions with project partners where we evaluated the project, the level of cooperation and the achievement of results in each partner country. We also reflected on our partnership, last implemented projects and future of our network. Participants could also discover Mayan culture and how art and music are used for their inclusion and social transformation. The internal meeting took place in San Andrés Semetabaj.

  • Final Conference for making the project public and promote the reflection on gender equality through urban art. A debate was set up for making the public (mainly urban artists and members of associations and local organizations) reflecting on the situation women live and for raising awareness on gender violence. During the debate, some basic concepts have been clarified and the music video and the documentary of the project showed, making a great impression. Afterwards, free workshops, focused on the importance of going out of the comfort zone and lifelong learning, have been provided to local population. During the afternoon, a hip hop event took place at La Casa Celeste. Among the activities, there was a breaking competition, open only for those dancers and crews who participated in the debate about gender equality, and an exhibition of women rappers from Guatemala and Spain.

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